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President of The Jeff and Bryce Fan Club, head cheerleader for my wife, Susan, lucky devoted brother of Beth and Barbara, perennial pal of the Bunko Squad, passion customer service advocate, forever loyal fan of the Yankees, Packers, Buckeyes and Wildcats. favorite pastimes: writing, public speaking, golf, cartooning, reading, playing and blogging!

Big Shoes To Fill in Titletown

I’m sick.  Still in a state of disbelief.  Mike McCarthy is no longer the Head Coach of The Green Bay Packers.  In my opinion, Coach McCarthy was the most underrated Head Coach in the NFL.  During his 13 years in … Continue reading

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Days Of the Week – Perception or Reality?

When I think about the days of the week, I can’t help but harken back to a one hit wonder — “Friday On My Mind” that soared to the top of the charts in 1966. (Originally sung by an Australian … Continue reading

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Quit Changing The Game

It’s been well documented that the Millennials don’t quite grasp what once was “America’s Favorite Pastime”. Too slow for this group with the speedy thumbs. Who wants to spend 3 hours at a baseball game (playing or watching) when there … Continue reading

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What I Learned Driving for Uber

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Dealership Deficiency

I love my 2006 Honda Pilot. It’s roomy, reliable and paid for! The perfect car for me. Recently I received an over-sized postcard in the mail notifying me of a recall. Apparently the air bag inflator was faulty and, by … Continue reading

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Making This Year Happier Than Last

I can’t be the only one who is striving to be happier? Being the dork that I am, I have spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out what makes people happy. On the happiness scale of 1-10 … Continue reading

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A Cluster at the Car Wash

When was the last time you witnessed a good old fashioned rant by someone who received lousy customer service? I had a front row seat for one last week at the car wash. As those of you who live here … Continue reading

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Get Good at Quitting!

I’m a Boomer. Which means I’m the offspring of parents from The Greatest Generation. I was brought up to have a sense of loyalty and was taught not to quit. My mother called it “sticktoitiveness”. My father used plainer English. … Continue reading

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We Made It to the Motherland!

Most of us have a bucket list. Whether it’s in our minds, or on paper, we have things we want to do before we are no longer able to do them. I’m about to put a date stamp on my … Continue reading

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My Donut Dilemma

I sometimes get obsessed with the strangest things.  Since I’ve been living in north Texas I’m flabbergasted by the lack of differentiation within the donut shop segment.   No doubt I am the only one who has a hang up on … Continue reading

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