Unexpected Gift

Dear Social Media Friends, Associates & Contacts,

Have you ever received a gift out of the blue; something you weren’t expecting? It happened to me this summer.

I still receive alerts for job openings left over from past job searches. I usually don’t pay much attention, however, on one particular day in July, I decided to peruse the latest job listings in the area. At first glance, it seemed like I was seeing the same uninteresting jobs that were out there a year and a half ago. I was just about to hit delete when a headline caught my eye:


I was instantly intrigued and couldn’t wait to learn more. Reading through the board member responsibilities, I found myself hanging on every word. It made me wonder, could there be a more perfect “give back” opportunity for me?

I have a deep passion for the game of golf that was passed down from my WWII Veteran Dad. I’ve always wanted to give something back to the heroes who have made such enormous sacrifices to protect our freedom. Surely this was a gift created specifically for me.

I couldn’t wait to contact Scott Millman, the founder of the NRG Foundation in North Texas. I sent an email expressing my extreme interest in the position. He wrote me back and invited me to a board meeting. Shortly, thereafter I was asked to be a member of the board and it took me all of a millisecond to accept. I couldn’t be more thrilled about the chance to help this organization achieve its objectives.

NRG’s mission is to provide rehabilitative golf-support programs for veterans and first responders struggling with physical disabilities as well as those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. Our services don’t stop there as we welcome all individuals dealing with physical disabilities to learn or re-learn how to enjoy the game of golf.


To accomplish our mission, it’s our goal is to conduct as many instructional “adaptive” golf events as possible. Scott is an accomplished USGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional with 30 years of experience utilizing adaptive golf techniques to build and enhance the individual’s golf game. We take pride in creating an inclusive environment that aims to improve quality of life for veterans, others with disabilities and their families.


Of course it requires money for adaptive golf equipment and necessary fees to host these events. I realize my social media friends and associates have so many options, when it comes to donating to worthy causes. In a situation like ours, I believe in a large number of people making small donations. The Alexanders, the Abrahams, even the Georges, are everything in this campaign. We’ll leave the Benjamins up to the corporations and local businesses!


Please click GoFundMe link below. Thank you in advance for any support you are willing to provide. As I’m sure you know, it takes a village.


Sincerely yours,







The N.R.G. Foundation is a project of United Charitable – a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law

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1 Response to Unexpected Gift

  1. Todd Cook says:

    Congratulations Bill. They are lucky to have someone with extreme empathy and passion for the game of golf


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