Almost a Perfect Breakfast Experience!

It’s been a long search involving tepid eggs, warm bread posing as toast and indifferent servers.  Some of the breakfast restaurants I’ve visited have almost made the grade but none of them have exceeded my expectations.   Okay I admit it.  I can pick a restaurant apart with the best of em. You could call me borderline hypercritical. I have a tendency to make those who accompany me uneasy because I’m constantly scrutinizing all aspects of the visit.  From smudges on the front door to a late check I notice more than the average bear.  That’s what 30 years in the business will do to a guy who used to be semi-normal.

This past weekend, I visited a place, with Susan and Paw Paw, that impressed me.  I’d give them an A-minus. The food and service at the table was outstanding.  Our server (Liz) was polite and efficient.  She’d only been there 3 months but you couldn’t tell she was a relative newbie.

Liz took our order and the food arrived within minutes – fresh and piping hot!  Here’s the key.  You ready for this?  They serve the food on heated plates!  This is one of those things that seems like common sense however so few breakfast places do it.  Eggs hold the world record for getting cold the fastest.  If you serve them on a cold plate, the first bite might be warm and that’s about it.  At least with a hot plate the eggs have a fighting chance.  I ordered huevos rancheros.  You can see for yourself it was presented beautifully.  It tasted every bit as good as it looked.


The breakfast experience was so good, on our way out, I thought I’d let the manager know.  My interaction with him was disappointing.  I asked about the restaurant, when it opened and how long he’d been managing. I got one word answers.  He had the perfect opportunity to connect with me, however, he seemed rather indifferent.  I’d also noticed him on the floor during our visit. The good news is he was on the floor.  The bad news – I didn’t see him interacting with his guests.  If the manager had been just a little more engaging I would have graded the visit an A.  He’s responsible for the minus.

The food and service saved the day.  I’ll most likely return to Benedict’s soon.


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1 Response to Almost a Perfect Breakfast Experience!

  1. TODD COOK says:

    Great blog. Benedict’s opened in Addison over 20 years ago and has been a real breakfast institution in Dallas. They know how to do it right.


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