I just returned from the 31st Annual Bunko Invitational Golf Tournament.  An event that has occurred every year for 31 years without a misstep.  It’s been held at a variety of venues and we’ve experienced the gamut when it comes to amenities and customer service.  Typically we come in on Thursday and depart on Sunday. This year’s tourney took place near Ocean City, MD.

The worst customer service can’t ruin our  friends’ annual celebration.  Unfortunately, what we experienced this past weekend was so bad I had to blog about it.  Golfers will appreciate  this more than non-golfers, however everyone can relate to a lousy service experience.

This year  20 guys were in attendance. The accommodations were fine – several nicely appointed 4 bedroom condos conveniently situated on the golf course. The issues didn’t start until we arrived at the course Friday morning to play 36 holes of golf.

The pro shop, clubhouse, driving range and putting green were in disrepair and physically inadequate.  Not only were the facilities small, they were short staffed with employees who seemed to give a rip about serving the customer.  There were no glaring service atrocities, just a prevailing “I don’t care” attitude.

When we stopped at the clubhouse between games, we were served by an employee in a bad mood.  The scowl on her face was our first clue.  The second clue was when she announced her foul mood and explained why she was in it.  The cause of her poor disposition was anything but justified.   What the heck is she doing sharing that information with the customer anyway? The way I look at it, service people get paid to be in good moods. Period!

The worst was the lack of service on the golf course. It was the hottest day of the year (so far) on the east coast.  The mercury topped out in the low 90’s. The course featured only two water stops. To make matters worse we only saw the beverage cart twice in 9 hours; when we least needed it – on hole #2 and hole #17. Are you kidding me?  Twenty guys playing 36 holes of golf without access to beverages?  Now that’s a double-whammy atrocity for the customers and the owner of the facility.

What a missed opportunity!  I couldn’t find a shred of evidence that anyone on the premises wanted us to come back.  There are too many other choices.  Providing  substandard experiences like the one described, will ultimately jeopardize their chances for survival.  It’s sad.  I can guarantee we won’t be back.  End of story…


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President of The Jeff and Bryce Fan Club, head cheerleader for my wife, Susan, lucky devoted brother of Beth and Barbara, perennial pal of the Bunko Squad, passionate customer service advocate, forever loyal fan of the Yankees, Packers, Buckeyes and Wildcats. favorite pastimes: writing, public speaking, golf, cartooning, reading, playing and blogging!
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