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It’s the Little Things…

  I’m going to go out on a limb and say 95% of the people reading this blog do their own grocery shopping.  I’m also certain this percentage will decrease  in the future as more of you go on line … Continue reading

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Just Give the Guy a Plane!

As an advocate for great customer service I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to weigh in on the United Airlines travesty that occurred last week.  I’ve traveled a fair amount over the years. I’ve experienced the proverbial bribe to vacate … Continue reading

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The Most Sentimental Week on the Sports Calendar

I’m a sappy sentimentalist.  This week, just like the azaleas at Augusta National, my sappy sentimentalism will be in full bloom.   If you’ve been watching NCAA basketball you are probably over Jim Nance pausing during a critical time in the … Continue reading

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