Service Flop at the Eye Doc


When I turned 40 I discovered that my arms were too short to read the paper!  For 40 years the experts told me I had perfect  vision.  Then 40 – BAM!  Time for specs then because I’m vain, contact lens…

Fast forward to January 2016.   The eye exam at my Optometrist went fine and I walked out with two different brands of contact lens to sample. Once I tried them I decided which ones I preferred; then got on the phone with the crack staff at The Eyes of  Blunderwood.  Little did I know they were smoking crack.

When I mentioned my preference they asked if I was referring to the multifocals.  I looked at the package which clearly stated multifocals so I answered in the affirmative.   When I went to pick them up a week later I didn’t think twice about the brand. I got home and opened the larger box which contained 3 smaller boxes of lens inside.    I opened one of the smaller boxes and popped my new lens in.  I realized right away they were not the brand I preferred.  I came to find out that both samples were multifocals. They had ordered AcuVue and I preferred the “no name” brand.   I was not a happy camper but I figured it would be easy to exchange them.  Little did I know…

When I called,  the receptionist answered and referred me to Sandy (the name has been changed to protect the innocent).  I’ve talked to Sandy before.  There’s something about her tone that says “You’re bothering me”.  I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be a smooth transaction.  She proceeded to tell me, because I opened 1 small box,  I’d have to pay for the entire box (45 days worth of contacts).   I asked for her supervisor who, at 2:15pm was out to lunch. Sandy said she’d have her call me back as soon as she returned to the office.

An hour passed and no call back so I decided to drive over to my friendly optometrist and see if I could achieve a different outcome.    When I arrived I introduced myself to a young man behind the front desk. He actually seemed interested in my dilemma.  When I asked for his supervisor he informed me she was (still) out to lunch.   About half way through our conversation  Lisa, the office manager, suddenly appeared.  I introduced myself  and she invited me into her office to discuss my conundrum.

I think she was expecting a verbal brawl.  As I walked in, she closed the door behind us.   We sat down and I explained my situation.  It was simple.  I got the wrong contacts and I simply wanted to exchange them for the ones I preferred.  She went into this diatribe about how her supplier would not do an exchange for the box that had been opened.   I’d only used 2 pairs of lens and they were going to charge me for the entire 45 day supply.    I wanted to explain why that was not acceptable. Instead,  I politely told Lisa that there was no need to carry on the discussion.  Then I lied to her saying,  “I trust you’ll do the right thing!”

That was on a Monday.  On Thursday I received a text notifying me that my contacts were in.   I ran over to their office anxious to get my lens and to see if they were able to do an even exchange. They did!  Good for them.

Interestingly enough, during my brief visit, Lisa walked right by me and didn’t say a word.  Sandy, the one who started this snowball rolling downhill, had nothing pertinent to say.  They had their chance to show me that they cared.  I was so ready to shower them with praise for doing the right thing but they blew it.

This service flop leaves me with one question – Anybody know a good optometrist?


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