Lisa Ferenc – Our Angel Warrior


Every once in a while we run across an angel on earth. When we meet an angel most of us know it within an instant. There’s something about the sparkle in their eye and a kindness that emanates from their heart. A true angel defies the laws of human nature. It’s so rare, like finding a diamond in the middle of the Mohave, only much more valuable. Those who have the honor of being in an angel’s presence walk away with a smile, a positive outlook and joy in their heart. They feel like they’ve been wrapped in a blanket of love.

How is it that an angel gets to live on earth? They are sent from heaven. That’s right it’s all part of the master plan. One may be predisposed to thinking angels have an easy life. That’s rarely the case because they are sent by God with a mission – to teach life lessons to everyone they touch.

If anyone thinks we lost an angel yesterday, when they got the word of Lisa’s passing, they are only half right. Yes, she is a certified, undisputed, one-of-a kind angel; just ask anyone who has ever been around her! However we haven’t lost her. As I write, she’s sitting in first class, sipping champagne on a non-stop one way flight back to heaven! When she arrives at the pearly gates, she won’t have to show her ID, go through security or hassle with customs. She’ll be rushed through the gates like the VIP that she is! Once inside, there will be tremendous fanfare; a huge celebration and a parade in her honor. Why all the hoopla? You see, Lisa isn’t just another angel. Anyone close to her realizes she is also a hero!

We might hear someone say, “She lost her battle…” She didn’t lose anything my friends. Her body lost the battle in an unfair, unjust fight. Her spirit lives on. It is unwavering, omnipresent and everlasting. While she was on earth her spirit became embedded in all of our hearts. That is her gift that will be with us forever. It is her legacy.

Her mission is to teach us life lessons; never by telling, always by doing. Unconditional love is her way. When she was a young woman she taught us our first lesson in how to deal with adversity. She overcame the odds with the heart of a warrior. Her positive determination was relentless. She left us shaking our heads, wondering if someone with a lesser will would have won that battle.

She set such a great example, God decided to let her hang around on earth, so she could continue to be a positive influence on others. She dealt with everything that came her way with grace, love and positive energy. Like a superstar athlete she makes it look easy. She makes everyone around her better. She puts her heart & soul into all that she does – family first, friends next, then her animals. Her special bond with her animals is something to behold. (Angels are known for that type of behavior) Her four legged friends would seek her out. They sensed her love and compassion. She dedicated herself to a business for more than 2 decades and literally became its brand. Customers could have taken their business to a dozen other places, but they came back to see Lisa. Go figure – humans like being touched by an angel!

Our Angel Warrior is starting a new chapter. It doesn’t take a degree from Harvard to figure out what she’d want for all of us. Her body of work while on earth was so extraordinary it will never be duplicated. We can only aspire… She left us a roadmap to happiness. Based on her example, here’s an attempt at paraphrasing what she’d want:

For us to wake up every morning and be thankful for another day, to understand that we can’t control our circumstances but we can control the way we respond to them. She’d want us to lose all judgment, assume the best of people and remember it’s the simple things that bring us joy in life. She’d ask us to stay close, to be consistent and support each other. She’d want us to continue to love and cherish her precious family. Her loving husband and our beloved friend Walter, you know the guy with a heart the size of Montana, who is a hero in his own right. Their wonderful children, Melissa and Brian, who live life by the values instilled in them by Mom and Dad. Their significant others, Bobby and Sarah and of course her pride and joy, grandbaby Ryan!

Or for those who like to keep things simple just wake up every morning, look up to the sky and ask “What would Lisa do?” She’ll send you a sign. That’s what angels do.

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