The Things We Take for Granted

I was captivated this morning by CNN’s coverage of Officer Ramos’s funeral and the tribute to officer Liu. Twenty-five thousand cops showed up to pay their respects. I thought I’d watch it for 5 minutes.  Within seconds I was glued to my chair.

It made me think about the things I take for granted; the police being one of them. How often have I walked the streets of Manhattan (or any city for that matter) feeling free of danger? Or how many times have I been pulled over and had the urge to say something derogatory to a cop?

Today made me wonder on a deep level, where would we be without the police? Beyond that it brought to mind the fact that every single day cops put their lives on the line so I don’t have to. Even in the safest communities, the families of these unsung heroes could receive that dreaded phone call. Even if they never get that call they live their lives with the fear that it could happen.

Why is it we aren’t putting cops on the same pedestal as we do our service men and women? How is it any different? Are there cops that make bad decisions? Hell yes. The same is true with those who serve us in the military. Last time I checked every one of them is human.

I’m not Pollyanna. I realize we still have a long way to go to overcome the prejudice that exists in America today. I hate racial discrimination. I also hate discrimination against people who do their best to keep us safe on the streets of our cities and throughout the world. The discrimination door swings both ways. I think Americans need to keep that in mind.

I don’t know about you but the next time I see a cop standing on a street corner I’m going out of my way to say thank you. After today I’m putting cops on the same pedestal as I do those who serve in the military. Thank God there are people who are willing to stand in harm’s way every day to protect the rest of us. My New Year’s resolution is to never, ever again take them for granted!

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